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Captain Cook creates a laid-back experience for you to remember.

The ingredients of his recipe are simple yet tasteful, beautiful beaches to swim and gorgeous coves to explore with our snorkeling gear, a big traditional wooden yacht to relax comfortably and enjoy the sun at the bow sundeck or the shade at the stern cockpit and all of these are accompanied with nibbles & a delicious freshly homemade lunch,consisting of a variety of Greek flavors, and chilled drinks prepared for you onboard by the Captain who is also a professional cook in the wintertime.

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Seaside Serenity: Luxuriate on Our Spacious and Safe Vessel

Experience the epitome of relaxation and convenience aboard our spacious and luxurious boat. With a walk-around deck designed for safety and ease of movement, navigating the wide alley walks is a breeze, free from obstacles and clutter. Say goodbye to the hassle of climbing in and out of narrow cockpits or dodging swinging booms; our vessel offers expansive spaces for unwinding, complemented by an extra-large sun-deck area adorned with plush cushions.

Enjoy shade whenever desired under the ample fixed canopy sheltering the dining and resting area on the stern deck. And when it's time for a refreshing dip, our user-friendly swimming ladder ensures effortless access in and out of the water. Welcome to a world of comfort and leisure on the open seas.