Private Charter

Cruise Quick Summary
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Max People: 23
10:30 - 18:30 (flexible)
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Departure: Skiathos
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Return: Skiathos
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Route: Depending on wind direction / sea state
lunch img Lunch & drinks included
Cruise Description
Welcome aboard our private charter for an unforgettable cruise around Skiathos and/or Skopelos Island and the surrounding islets!
Choose your preferred pick-up and return points, whether it’s your villa’s beachfront or Skopelos Island itself.
Collaborate with our captain to craft a personalized route that ensures you visit all the destinations on your wishlist, and feel free to customize the duration and timing of swim stops or the entire boat trip to suit your desires.
Embark on our elegant wooden yacht and immerse yourself in a bespoke experience tailored just for you. As we sail through the serene waters of the Aegean Sea, prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking coastal vistas and hidden gems awaiting discovery.
Relaxation is our top priority throughout the voyage. Lounge in the sun on our comfortable sunbeds or seek shade under the tent on the stern deck.
During swim stops, take a refreshing dive into the crystalline waters or simply unwind on deck as the gentle sea breeze envelops you.
Indulge in a freshly prepared lunch served by our captain onboard, or opt for a beachfront tavern for a wider selection of culinary delights.
We are dedicated to ensuring your comfort, fostering a welcoming atmosphere aboard our vessel.
Additional Information
  • For private cruises accommodating more than 18 guests, the tour will be confined to the area of Skiathos island area only (Tsougrias/Arkos Islands included), or around Skopelos island if it serves as the starting point.
  • The journey commences at the New Port of Skiathos at 10:00. Alternatively, for an additional fee based on distance, arrangements can be made for departure from a marina or a beach near your accommodation.
  • The scheduled return time to the port is 18:00, with flexibility available upon request for any specific requirements. Additional charges will be assessed based on extra fuel consumption and extended working hours beyond the standard itinerary.
  • Should the trip exceed the recommended mileage of the typical “Mixed Group trip,” such as a voyage from Skiathos to the east side of Skopelos, supplementary costs may apply.


  • Terms & Conditions – Cancellation & Refund Policy & other info can be found in Miscallaneus page
Food & Drinks


5 course menu (served 14:00-14:30 / flexible)


Water + Sparkling Water + Ice

Coke Cola / Sprite / Fanta orange / Fanta Lemon / Mixed Fruits Juice

Alcohol drinks (limited): White Wine/Rose Wine (500ml) + Beer (2 cans of 330ml)

*If you would like something more or different you can bring it and store it in the ice boxes.
*Excessive consumption of alcohol is not welcome

Cruise Routes

Friendly reminder that depending on the sea state conditions of the day (wind direction/swell) the Captain will re-design the route to ensure a relaxing boat trip, rather than a Viking expedition.

Recommended Routes:

Green Trip

Starting point : Skiathos New Port

1st Swim stop : Arkos Island
2nd Swim stop : Megalo Pefko beach (Skopelos Island)
3th Swim/Lunch stop: Kastani beach (Skopelos Island)
4th Swim stop: Tsougrias Island

Blue Trip

Starting point : Skiathos New Port

1st Swim stop: Lalaria beach (Skiathos Island)
2nd Swim stop: Megalo Pefko beach (Skopelos Island)
3rd Swim stop: Kastani beach (Skopelos Island)
4th Swim stop: Arkos Island (or Tsougrias island)

White Trip

Starting point : Skiathos New Port

1st Swim stop: Arkos island
2nd Swim stop: Koutsouri or Diamanti or Poros beach (Skiathos island)
3rd Swim/Lunch stop: Toufekoverga Bay (Skiathos island)
4th Swim stop: Tsougkrias island

*Lalaria Beach is quite often a part of our trip but we don’t include it in our written itinerary so we don’t dissapoint our guests by not visiting because of sea-state conditions.

*Agios Ioannis Chapel – Mama Mia Chapel – Skopelos Island (*Green Trip)

While our recommended routes do not include a stop at the bay of the chapel, we offer the option to drop you off at Elios port, conveniently located just 5 minutes away from our beach stop in Skopelos. From there, we can arrange a taxi (approximately €50 for up to four people) or a mini-bus to take you to the chapel, where you can spend approximately 1 hour before returning to the port. We will then pick you up to continue our journey together, including our next beach stop at Kastani (Mama Mia beach) for swimming and lunch.

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