Wedding/Bachelor – Photoshoot

Cruise Quick Summary
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Max People: 23
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Departure: Skiathos
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Return: Skiathos
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Route: Depending on wind direction / sea state
lunch img Lunch & drinks included
Cruise Description

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our exclusive wedding bachelor cruise, where love, laughter, and luxury converge on the shimmering waters. Celebrate your upcoming nuptials surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the sea as you sail along the picturesque coastline. Indulge in exquisite cuisine, sip champagne under the stars, and create cherished memories with your closest friends and loved ones. From romantic sunsets to thrilling adventures, our private charter cruise offers the perfect setting for a memorable bachelor celebration filled with joy, relaxation, and pure bliss.

Food & Drinks
Cruise Routes

Green Trip

Starting point : Skiathos New Port

1st Swim stop : Arkos Island
2nd Swim stop : Megalo Pefko beach (Skopelos Island)
3th Swim/Lunch stop: Kastani beach (Skopelos Island)
4th Swim stop: Tsougrias Island

Blue Trip

Starting point : Skiathos New Port

1st Swim stop: Lalaria beach (Skiathos Island)
2nd Swim stop: Megalo Pefko beach (Skopelos Island)
3rd Swim stop: Kastani beach (Skopelos Island)
4th Swim stop: Arkos Island (or Tsougrias island)

White Trip

Starting point : Skiathos New Port

1st Swim stop: Arkos island
2nd Swim stop: Koutsouri or Poros beach (Skiathos island)
3rd Swim/Lunch stop: Pounta beach (Skiathos island)
4th Swim stop: Tsougkrias island

Agios Ioannis Chapel – Mama Mia Chapel – Skopelos Island

We don’t include the bay of the chapel in our trip but we can drop you off in Elios port ,which is just 3 minutes away from our first beach stop in Skopelos, and you can get a taxi (50€ for up to 4 people) to get you there, stay for 45’, and get back to the port where we can pick you up again and then continue all together with our next beach stop in Skopelos (lunch and swim) at Kastani (Mama Mia beach).

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